Off the radar for some time now... I have been busily preparing my new studio space. Here is a little sneak peek of the new home of Jack of Diamonds Knits situated in a bustling Brunswick warehouse of studios which is home to many creative folk including the very wonderful Sunday Morning Designs and Copy Boy.

The abridged tour starts here at the blackboard wall and Doublet...
...just across the other side you will find bobbins and bougainvillea atop a rather archaic filing system...

...and the already full pinboard here showing the work of the talented Joceline Lee and Ernesto Caivano...

...some sample swatches and recent acquisitions...

... shift your gaze westward and sneak a peek at some of the yarn collection and while you are here I'll let you in on the next pattern I plan to release this month...

...meet the Perseus Tunic, cap sleeved, wide roll neck and super stretchy thick fabric - all done in one piece on a single bed punchcard knitting machine...Voilà!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the yarn collection ... where is that gorgeous gold with the darker pieces from ... and the khaki/olive green?? I MUST know!!

  2. I'm coming to visit! Looks fabulous Bri.

  3. Congratulations Bri - would love to visit too!! Ooh, knitting machines - tempted!!!

  4. hey bri!

    this is all looking super professional and exciting: so happy to have stumbled upon your blog, and SO happy - and inspired! - that you're DOING IT and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.

    and your knitwear is just wonderful. i need to crack open the box and set mine up again (it's just the task of clearing up the other mess lying around to make space for it first that's putting me off..!)

    congratulations on everything. i will be sure to follow your work now :)

    anne from rmit :)